Exjob 2023

Skicka intresseanmälan

Time to write your thesis project?

We gladly welcome those pursuing a university education in data and IT who are interested in system development and recruitment processes. The spots are limited, and selection is based on previous experiences and commitment, meaning we don't only look at experience.

Thesis Project Examples:

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruitment:

    • Evaluate and implement AI algorithms to streamline the selection and matching of candidates.
    • Study how AI can reduce bias in the recruitment process.
    • Opportunities to write compelling ads with AI.
    • Risks and benefits.
    • Legal and ethical considerations.
  2. System Support for Competency-Based Recruitment:

    • Gather and map competencies relevant to different positions.
    • Implement algorithms and analytical tools for the system to match candidates' competencies with position requirements.
    • Automate the initial screening process by filtering and ranking applications based on competencies.
    • Use machine learning and automated tools to extract and analyze information from CVs and cover letters.
    • Allow candidates to self-assess their competencies using forms or assessment tools.
    • Generate analyses and reports to help the organization evaluate and improve its recruitment strategy over time, including information on diversity, efficiency, and candidate experience.
  3. Vue.js vs HTMX:

    • Technical pros and cons of each framework.
    • Security risks.
    • Functionality, performance, flexibility, and scalability.
    • Accessibility for new developers.
    • Memory considerations.
    • Community and documentation.
    • Reusability.
    • Third-party support.
    • Licenses and legal considerations.
  4. Data Analysis for Talent Identification:

    • Use data analysis and machine learning to identify potential talents among existing employees and external candidates.
    • Develop algorithms to predict successful hires.
  5. Implementation of Chatbots for Recruitment Support:

    • Create and implement chatbots to automate responses to common candidate questions.
    • Evaluate how chatbots can improve the candidate experience.
  6. Blockchain in Recruitment:

    • Explore the use of blockchain technology to verify and secure employment history and candidate references.
    • Assess the security and integrity of using blockchain in HR processes.

What We Offer You:

  • Mentorship.
  • A physical workplace in our office landscape in central Trollhättan.
  • Sit together with a development team of ten developers.

What We Require From You:

  • As we invest resources in you as an employer, we naturally require a counterperformance in the form of:
    • Commitment.
    • A keen interest in technology and development.
    • Basic knowledge in system development.

Feel free to submit your application!